Our Story

For years Britni, Hartstead & co's founder, had friends and family ask her to decorate their homes and plan their events. Interior decorating and event planning has always been a creative outlet for her.

In the summer of 2020, a friend sent Britni a picture from Pinterest and asked if she could help decorate her daughters nursery just like the picture. After completing the design and shopping of a nursery, Britni shared with friends that she wished her career fulfilled her the way decorating or event planning did.

While interior design and event planning had always been of interest for her, the dream hadn't been fully realized until that moment. Friends and family persistently encouraged Britni to find a way to turn her knack design into a business and Hartstead & co was born. 

The goal of Hartstead & co is to make home decorating as easy as possible by removing all the barriers that leave your home feeling half done. At Hartstead & co, we are striving to give you a Pinterest-worth home, without hours of shopping or an eye for design.

Hartstead & co is located in Eugene, Oregon, offering home decorating services locally in Lane County and online through the home decor store