Our Story

For years Britni, Hartstead & co's founder, had friends and family ask her to decorate their homes and plan their events. Interior decorating and event planning has always been a creative outlet for her.

After a successful career in marketing, where she gained experience in conference and event design, as well as commercial interior design, she was ready for a change that put interior design at the forefront of her career rather than just a piece of it.

With the support, or more like light demanding, of friends and family, Britni officially started Hartstead & Co.  

The goal of Hartstead & co is to make interior design and home styling an easy and fun experience by removing all the barriers that leave your home feeling half done. At Hartstead & co, we are striving to give you a Pinterest-worth home, without hours of shopping or an eye for design.

Hartstead & co is located in Eugene, Oregon, offering home decorating services locally in Lane County and online through the home decor store