Nursery Vision to Reality

Kristen had a vision for her firstborn’s nursery. If pregnancy wasn’t exhausting enough, it was in the midst of a pandemic and she is an educator living in a whole new world of remote learning. Kristen reached out to Hartstead & Co to have her vision become reality. 

I met with Kristen to learn what she loved about each photo. Getting a sense of her color and material preferences, measurements of the space, budget, etc. With this information, I sourced materials to align her vision to what was available. 

Like many clients, Kristen wasn’t sure what her budget was. I totally understand this feeling. It can be a chicken and egg situation between designer and client. How much do you want to spend? I don’t much does it cost? The way we get around this is to understand the level of quality the client is looking for, what stores they typically shop at, and what are the most important elements. Then use this information to create a range of a realistic budget, and a prioritized list of elements.  

Pulling from Kristen’s inspiration photos and her interior design preferences, I put together a home decor mood board and supplemented it with a price range and several options for the key visual elements such as the rug, wall murals, etc. With Kristen’s feedback, we were able to narrow down the style, elements, and budget. 

Install day wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Kristen’s husband, Jimmy. The doting husband could not be more excited to create a serene room for his daughter. His enthusiasm and perfectionism spoke to my heart and made it such a fun day for me as a designer. 

With just a couple of weeks before the arrival of baby Skylar, the room was complete. Kristen was ecstatic with the room and the nesting phase was complete.