Introducing Me

Hi, I’m Britni! 

Thank you for joining me on my journey with Hartstead & Co. This is work from my heart to your home and I’m grateful you’re here.


1.) What inspired you to create Hartstead & Co?

From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to work in a creative field like interior design and event planning. I would constantly restyle the shelves in my mom’s media cabinets and volunteer to help her friends decorate for the holidays. I get so much joy and inspiration bringing a vision to life, especially when it brings happiness to others. 


When I went to college I decided to go the practical route, studying business and communications, and eventually pursued a career in marketing. In the midst of 2020, I was ready for more creativity, beauty, and joy in my everyday work. So after years of helping friends and family decorate their homes and events, I was inspired to make interior decorating my full-time job. 


2.) How has Hartstead & Co being born in a pandemic created any hardships or opportunities for you?

The pandemic has been hard, as it has been for many people. The silver lining of the pandemic for me was that it gave me an opportunity to explore hobbies and creative endeavors that I hadn’t tried before or had given up to focus on my career and my family. I have taken up running, growing a vegetable garden, learning about flower gardens and planting bulbs, began baking and decorating cakes again, took up painting, bought a Cricut, the list goes on… 


I was in a live-to-work mindset for many years and the pandemic created (or forced) the space to reevaluate. I used the time to consider what I truly missed and what I didn’t want to bring back into my life when life returned to normal. Work-to-live or rather work-for-joy is definitely my new mindset. 


3.) What is your favorite design style?

I appreciate so many design styles, each having elements I love. My personal favorite design styles are modern farmhouse, industrial loft, french country, and organic modern. I like high contrast design with whites offset by moody blacks, grays, greens, and deep blues. Clean lines, timeless accents, and a touch of minimalism are cornerstones for me. I don’t shy away from color though. I love a light and airy room accented with a pop of color. 


That said, what I love most about interior design is bringing to life the vision my clients had in mind. I love the creative problem-solving of creating a look in a space, for any style or existing space configuration. 


4.) Are you an extrovert or introvert? Are there any other things you use to describe what you are like (i.e enneagram type or zodiac sign)?


I am an introvert through and through. I love people (and puppies) but also love quiet spaces where I can focus deeply on projects, a craft, or learning something new. 


I’m an Aries and wow, it is spot on for me! I am deeply passionate, optimistic, and determined. I’m also an Enneagram 8. Learning about the Enneagram has actually been life-changing for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself, have gained greater empathy for others, and have learned to laugh at myself a bit more. If you’re an Enneagram fan and want a good laugh, check out Enneagram Rhapsity


5.) What are your favorite activities to do in your free time? Is interior designing something you feel like you are constantly working on or does it feel like more of a job for you? 


I grew up in a family of foresters so I love being in the mountains, with some caveats. I like well-groomed trails and minimal bugs and snakes. I literally can’t control the shrill that comes out of my mouth when I see a snake. So scary! I’m not sure I’d survive anywhere but the pacific northwest. 


I also love any creative endeavor, such as decorating, designing, baking, event planning, you name it. This work doesn’t feel like work for me, and I think that is the best part. I can get lost in this work for hours without it realizing how much time has gone by. 


6.) Are your family and friends supportive of your business endeavor?


I wouldn’t be able to do this business without the support of my friends and family. In fact, it was friends and family that unintentionally pushed me to start this business. My friend Kristin asked if I would help her with decorating her nursery. I have done this kind of thing for friends and family for years, but at the time she asked me, I was in the midst of thinking about a career change. So I used the project to treat it like a business/client relationship in crafting proposals and communication. I loved every minute of it and began setting in motion creating Hartstead & Co. 


There is so much effort, learning, and uncertainty that goes into starting your own business. My friends and family have been there to hype me up when I needed a boost or celebrate with me when I had a win. 


7.) What kind of design style do you have in your home?

My home is a colonial-style exterior and a traditional interior. It is beautiful and remarkably well-built. Over the years, I’ve been working to bring more modern farmhouse elements into the home while paying tribute to the existing architecture of the home. 


8.) Who is your favorite interior designer?


I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I find the work of interior designers so inspiring and unique. So, I can’t pick a favorite interior designer!

9) Do you have any children or pets?

Yes! We have a full house with three teenagers and a spirited corgi. They keep us busy with soccer and friends. Our youngest son is a huge contributor to Hartstead & Co., working behind the scenes to unpack inventory, update products on the website and help me move furniture!